1.   Purpose

  • BSCC will ensure that the organisation will implement, manage and make available a Complaints and Appeals Policy and Process for its operations. This will adhere to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012, NDIS – Approved Quality Auditors Guidelines, the JAS-ANZ Accreditation Manual and all governing and regulatory bodies.

2.   Scope

  • BSCC staff and contractors are required to adhere to this policy across all operations.
  • This policy applies to all persons that conduct business with BSCC and will be made publicly available on the BSCC website to ensure efficient and effective access to the BSCC Complaints and Appeals Policy and Processes.

 3.   Policy

  • BSCC will ensure that it has a documented process to receive, evaluate and make decisions on complaints and appeals. BSCC will track complaints and appeals, as well as actions undertaken to resolve them.
  • BSCC will ensure that all information necessary to progress the complaint or appeal and make a decision is gathered promptly.
  • BSCC will ensure that receipt of a formal complaint or appeal is acknowledged promptly.
  • The decision resolving the complaint or appeal shall be made by, or reviewed and approved by person/s not involved in the activities related to the complaint or appeal.
  • BSCC will ensure that personnel, including those acting in a managerial role, who have provided consultancy for a client or been employed by a client, shall not be used by BSCC to review or approve the resolution of a complaint or appeal for that client within two (2) years following the end of the consultancy or employment.
  • BSCC will ensure that formal notice of any outcome and the end of the complaint process is provided to the complainant and or appellant.
  • BSCC will ensure that all subsequent action to resolve the complaint or appeal is taken.
  • In the event of an aged complaint in relation to accreditation services, BSCC will ensure that all clients and complainants are aware that they are entitled to refer these complaints to JAS-ANZ.
  • BSCC will ensure that it meets it obligation to refer all aged complaints relating to accreditation services to JAS-ANZ as required.

4.   Procedure

The following process maps apply to this policy:

PM03 Complaints and Appeals

PM04 External Client Complaints and Appeals

5.   Responsibilities

5.1 Compliance, monitoring and review

5.1.1 The CEO is responsible for ensuring that this policy is followed at all times.

5.2.2 A review of the Complaints and Appeals process will be completed as part of the yearly BSCC Internal Review,

5.2 Reporting

5.2.1 Actions to respond to any risks identified will be taken through the BSCC Continuous Improvement process.